Brussels + Tofu


So plain, yet so much potential

A few nights ago I was sipping on Cabernet and wrapping wontons with one of my best friends when it finally dawned on me… cooking is a lot like crafting.  I like both to be aesthetically pleasing while also being of substance. And they’re both fun. It’s the care put into each step that makes something truly awesome in the end. This realization made me think, “Man… if I treat cooking like a DIY tutorial, I can make anything.”

And then the wine buzz wore off and I realized that ingredients like “pork rind jelly” (thanks, Emily!) still freak me the heck out. Not because I wouldn’t eat it (please), I just don’t know where to find such a thing. I mean the Asian store for sure, but I’d be in way over my head. My word of advice to fellow novice cooks… start with simple recipes and work your way up or you’ll psych yourself out like I tend to do.
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