Leaves + Caffeine


plant 1

Welcome to my first post! I’ve been wanting to start a blog because time is flying by at such a fast pace that it takes alarmingly long for me to even remember what I ate for breakfast yesterday. I place a majority of the blame on the hectic nature of life these days (most of the time it seems I’m not fully “present” but just going through the motions), so I’m hoping that this blog will force me to focus.

Sundays like today are made for relaxing. For me this usually begins with a cup of coffee in hand while scrolling through social media updates, followed by checking in on my little potted plants to see if anything’s happened while I was asleep (nope). After that I’ll get ready and head out for more relaxation in the form of mindless browsing. When I say mindless I mean engaging in whatever activity that allows me to fully enjoy the moment without worry. My mind flies in ten different directions constantly throughout the work week, so I recoup on sundays.

Anyway, today’s array of mindless activities began with breakfast at Fox in the Snow Cafe. Being that this was my first time here, I snapped an obligatory picture of the painted fox outside before heading in. The place was packed but service was quick and friendly so before long I was headed out with my (seriously delicious!!) egg sandwich in hand.

Next was a quick stop at Stump in Italian Village. First of all, the place is adorable. Each one of their plants comes with a specific care guide (as seen above) and staff are super knowledgable and you can tell they love what they’re doing.

Second, LOKAL Cold Brew sets up shop inside on Sundays so I got to sample a bottle of their Bali cold coffee while I perused the houseplant selection. Brian (one of the owners) welcomed me and I told him that he was living my dream gig! I tried to reel in my excitement because, though I was with like-minded individuals, I didn’t want to seem like too much of a crazy plant lady the first time I showed up (typically subtlety isn’t my strong suit but whatever). Will definitely be back to procure some plant babies.




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